Welcome to

Seven Studios

We’re so happy you’re here! 

You’re about to embark on your latest journey towards health and happiness.

The time you spend in the studio and in our Seven community will allow you to learn about yoga and fitness styles that you may have never tried before. As you test the waters, we’re here to help you get the most out of your time with us and make your experience as awesome as ever. Here are a few tips to help you feel at ease during your first trip to Seven Studios.

Sign Up Online

We recommend signing up for classes online. This helps secure a spot and lets our instructors know who to expect so they can prepare for class well. If you forget or show up, we will always welcome you, but on the occasion a class is full we will have to honor those who signed up for a spot first.

If you have to cancel a class, we understand. Mindbody is set up to charge you for the class if you cancel within an hour of class, however, we understand that life happens. So if you write to julie@juliewilkes.com and let her know you were charged, she will credit your account.

Please note that when you do not show for a class, you may have taken a space away from someone on the wait list who was hoping to take a class, so please let us know as soon as you may realize you are not able to make it. But, please never stress or worry about not making a class – we just love having you in the studio but know that things come up!

Class at Your Pace

All classes should be taken at your own pace!

If something doesn’t feel right, please ask for a modification or stop and share your concern with the instructor. He/she will provide you some options. A safe, fun workout is what we want for you every time!

Have a blast, meet someone new every time you come and know that you are always welcome, embraced, supported and cherished here at Seven Studios. We are a community center disguised as a fitness studio – and we truly want to create a positive place where you always feel happy, healthy and have fun. we want to connect you with others in the community and provide such a great experience that you can’t wait to come back again! Always feel comfortable to provide feedback that would allow us to help you have a more powerful and positive experience! That’s what we want for you!

We connect our members with others in the community and make sure everyone feels comfortable to provide feedback that would allow us to help every member have a more powerful and positive experience.


Water, towels and mat rentals are all complimentary at Seven Studios. We truly want our members to enjoy a worry-free experience.

We have cubbies in both studios for you to place your things in when your arrive for class. Please try placing your items in a cubby that is in the studio that you are taking a class in (to prevent interruptions in another class).