Seven Studios is the dream of Julie Wilkes – motivational speaker, fitness expert, inspired yogi and heart disease survivor.

Due to her heart condition, Julie’s life expectancy was 12 years old. Julie has outlived her life expectancy by more than three-fold, and she believes she was given a
second chance at life in order to share messages of inspiration, overcoming and courage. She designed Seven Studios
to be a vehicle for those messages.

The Seven Studios Experience

When you visit Seven, you’ll feel that we are more than a fitness or yoga studio. We are a place that generates powerful, positive energy, community and inspired living.


Why Seven?

Seven’s name came from a concept authored by Julie in her book, The 7 Life Miracles.  The 7 Life Miracles encourages every person to seek their fullest and happiest life by adopting 7 areas of awareness in their lives.  Each class is taught with one of the 7 Miracles as a theme – giving a unique and inspirational experience each time you visit the studio.

What makes our classes special?

the experience

Seven Studios is honored to share some of the most inspired and talented fitness/yoga professionals in the city with you. We know you will love their classes – but of course, we are biased. Come try them out for yourself!

While the knowledge you will receive will be incredibly powerful, we believe the experience we create for you – to learn, be inspired, grow, and transform – is one-of-a-kind.  The minute you walk in the door, you will be greeted with powerful, positive energy… you will learn how to not only help other people to be inspired in their life – but you will learn how to tap into your greatest strengths, the things that make you come alive and your special style – and bring it to life.

Starting when you walk into one of our classes – you immediately feeling welcomed, like you are in the right place. Water, towels and mats are always complimentary so you have no stress or worries upon arrival – just get here and we will take care of the rest.


Instructors will greet you and provide an overview of the class before you get started. As we kick off, we will share an inspiration, a quote or short story that relates back to one of the 7 life miracles the studio is founded on, as a way to set the stage of the class with positivity.   Each class follows the format outlined in our description, but is made special with the individual style and passion of each instructor.


You will receive modifications and progressions to any movement to ensure you feel successful and powerful all along the way. At the end of class, the instructor will send you off with a reminder of the inspiration for the day – and will challenge you to focus on something specific as you leave. We feel that it is way more than just a workout – but it is a community of good energy and kindness, coupled with a powerful workout that will leave your heart, body, mind and soul feeling energized and refreshed.